Relias Learning Acquires Autism Training Solutions

It's official! We are excited to announce that ATS is now part of Relias Learning. 

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RBT Training Packages and Support

ATS now offers training packages and support for the new RBT Credential. 

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Watch a sitcom about the lives and adventures of BCBAs

Join us for the premier of The Agency. A four-part series that fulfills the 8-hour BACB Supervision Training.

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Online Data Collection

ABA data collection with Catalyst.

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Who are we?

Watch how Autism Training Solutions is being used to train teachers and staff.

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Train Your Staff Online.

eTraining is fast, flexible, and affordable. Learn more about the best way to train your employees in established behavioral and autism interventions.

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Class Dismissed.

Autism Training Solutions brings online, interactive training videos to the education and service provider communities, allowing organizations to provide customized, professional training-- online and on-demand.

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Are You Up To The Challenge?

“Children with autism are not learning disabled, they are teaching challenged.” - Vincent Carbone

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Watch Levi's Story
Witness the positive impact of evidence-based interventions.

Behavior Interventions

  1. Principles of Behavior
  2. Functions of Behavior
  3. Instructional Control
  4. Antecedent Interventions
  5. Consequence Interventions

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Teaching Procedures

  1. Teaching New Behavior
  2. Verbal Behavior
  3. Teaching Requests/Mand Training
  4. Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
  5. Discrete Trial Instruction

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Assessment & Progress Evaluation

  1. Functional Behavior Assessment
  2. Recording Behavior
  3. VB-MAPP
  4. Graphing and Progress Evaluation

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