The learner will:

  • Understand the history and development of the VB-MAPP and how it is used as an assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill tracking system for children with autism
  • Identify the first component of the VB-MAPP, the Milestones Assessment, which is designed to provide a representative sample of a child’s existing verbal and related skills
  • Identify the second component of the VB-MAPP, the Barriers Assessment and recognize all the barriers to learning that learners may encounter
  • Identify the third component of the VB-MAPP, the Transition Assessment and recognize how this tool can be used to determine if a child is ready to function in a less restrictive environment
  • Identify the fourth component of the VB-MAPP, the Task Analysis and Skills Tracking and be able to use it as a more complete and ongoing learning and language skills curriculum guide
  • Identify the fifth component of the VB-MAPP, Placement and IEP Goals and use the placement recommendations to help balance out an intervention program, and ensure that all the relevant parts of the necessary intervention are included