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Understanding Tricare's New Autism Policies

Is your agency in compliance with Tricare’s new autism and ABA policies?

State of ABA Service Providers 2014

The results are in! Over 260 providers participated in this year's survey - The State of the ABA Service Provider.

2015 BACB Supervision Standards

Many BCBAs are asking themselves, “Am I qualified to be a supervisor in 2015 under the new BACB rules?”

Expanding ABA & Autism Services

Whether you are in the planning stages or already provide ABA and autism services, this free webinar will help you successfully expand ABA services...

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT): Impact on Behavioral Healthcare Providers

We’ve put together a short list of FAQs we’ve received since the announcement. 

ABA Health Insurance: Best Practices for Providers

ABA Health Insurance: Dealing with Issues that Arise After Signing Up Discover More About ABA Health Insurance

ABC's of RBT

There is finally a Behavior Tech Credential for front-line behavior staff!

How to Grow an ABA Agency

In this ABA video, CEO's Laura McKee and Raelynn Hillhouse share their ABA agency success stories and highlight the key components of their growth...

How Behavioral Service Providers are Streamlining Training with ATS Technology

Emaley McCulloch, President and Co-Founder of Advanced Training Solutions, will be leading a webinar to explain how autism and behavioral service...

Error Correction

Error correction is a procedure used to increase motivation in learning situations by preventing mistakes and creating more opportunities for...


Shaping is where successive approximations of a target behavior are reinforced. Shaping is used to teach functional language, social, academic and...

Escape Behaviors

Escape behaviors occur when the student anticipates an unpleasant activity or item.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

What is the prevalence of autism? Who can be affected by autism? What are the impacts of the increase in diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders? 

Keeping Instruction Time Reinforcing

This video reviews tips to increase motivation in teaching sessions. Reinforcement and prompting strategies are demonstrated across multiple tasks...

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of behavioral laws to change socially significant behavior to a meaningful degree.

Autism Diagnosis

ATS Video: Autism Diagnosis

Online ABA Training Case Study: Tacoma Behavioral Health Services

Tacoma Behavioral Health Services, a member of Maxim Healthcare Services, provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism...

ABA Training Testimonials: Kids Korner

The staff at Kids Korner have been introduced to the ATS strategies for about six months and are continuing to further their knowledge through our...

ABA Training Methods for Verbal Behavior & Speech Language Pathology

Behavior Analysts and Speech Language Pathologists often take different ABA training approaches when supporting children on the autism spectrum.

Company-Wide ABA Staff Training Implementation

Jill Forte, Executive Director of Children’s Autism Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, was in the process of revamping her ABA staff training program...

Case Study: Reducing Recruiting and ABA Training Costs

With over 175 staff spanning 26 states, Autism Services North (ASN) is one of the largest

STE Standardizes ABA Staff Training Across the Nation

STE Consultants was in expansion mode.

Online ABA Textbooks Hold Promising Future in ABA Curriculum

There is a wealth of research on online textbooks (also called digital textbooks), but very little information exists about online ABA textbooks for...

Differential Reinforcement

Problem behavior is often a way students communicate something.

ABA Agency Spotlight - MAPSS with Gerald Lavarias

Do you ever wonder how other ABA agencies are doing? How do they deal with insurance challenges and government cutbacks?

Case Study: Optimizing New Employee ABA Training

When we met Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST) in early 2010, the senior clinical team was responsible for providing 84.5 hours of training to 300 new...

Statewide Autism Training Programs: State of Montana

Doug Doty, the Statewide Coordinator for the Montana Autism Education Project, was tasked with the challenge of creating a program to provide autism...

Strategies for Universities to Increase BCBA Exam Pass Rates

As the BACB prepares to publish pass rates for university prep courses, some universities may need to revamp their program to stay competitive...


The tact is a form of verbal behavior where the speaker sees, hears, smells, tastes something and then comments about it.

Adjunct Professors: Preparing the Future of ABA Education

Ever wonder what it is like to take on the dual role of BCBA-Clinician and BCBA-Professor?

Autism Teaching Strategies: How to Improve Conditioning of New Reinforcers

New Research on Autism Teaching Strategies for Pairing Procedures that may Change How We Do It

Autism Education: The ABCs of IEPs (From a BCBA's Perspective)

Merrill Winston, Ph.D., BCBA, joined Advanced Training Solutions for a frank discussion of the most common problems he finds when evaluating IEPs and...

Motivating Your Staff (Without Using Money)

A post by Annie Collins-Castillo, BCaBA

ABA Agency Study Reveals Decreased Administrative Costs For Using Online Data Collection Software

ABA agencies using Catalyst's online data collection software save up to two (2) hours per client per week. 

Survey Results: State of Autism Service Providers 2012

Summary A total of 92 people took part in our anonymous survey. These respondents held the following credentials: 


The Echoic is a form of verbal behavior where the speaker repeats the same sound or word that was said by another person, like an echo.

Health Insurance 103 for Behavior Analysts

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger is back with her follow-up webinar Health Insurance 103 for Service Providers. In this webinar, she will disc

Autism Social Skills Training: Strategies for Developing Empathy

This interview with Sharon Koczaja, L.C.S.W.-R, Q.C.S.W., B.C.D., discusses why autism social skills training is so important for individuals on the...

Characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome

What are some of the defining characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome?

BCBA Continuing Education Credits - Uploading Your CEs Online

As an ACE provider, we have received many phone calls from clients asking - "How do I complete my BACB renewal and recertification?" We listened!

University of North Texas Implements Online Textbooks & ABA Videos

University of North Texas’ Department of Behavior Analysis has been a leader in the field and has a longstanding reputation for innovation

ABC Data Practice: ABA Training Video

ABC Data also known as Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence data is one of the essential steps in carrying out a Functional Behavior Assessment to...

What Comes After ABA Training?

Interview with Donnie Staff  

ABA Ethics with Dr. Amanda Kelly: When Professionals Disagree Over Treatment

Avoiding an ABA Ethics Dilemma A post by Annie Collins-Castillo, BCaBA

Teaching Sexuality Skills to Individuals with Autism

A post by Annie Collins-Castillo, BCaBA

Staff Performance Boot Camp: Applications for Your ABA Agency

There were a number of good takeaway points from Guy Bruce’s ABA Video: Staff Performance Boot Camp for ABA Service Providers, so ATS compiled a...

Becoming an Autism Insurance Provider

Getting Approved (and Paid) as a Provider of Applied Behavior Analysis

Commonly Used Health Insurance Terms

Compiled by Sarah Trautman-Eslinger

Innovations in Staff Training

A study on how technology is helping autism service providers train their staff, improve operations and increase student outcomes. 

Teaching Imitation to Help Build New Skills: Autism Video

The ability to imitate others is a pivotal part of learning new skills.

Errorless Learning: An Autism Teaching Strategies Video

What is errorless learning and what are the benefits?

The Features of the Mand: Autism Video

This autism video discusses features of the mand in detail. The consequence of a mand is direct and specific reinforcement.

Virginia DOE Implements Online Autism Training

We were honored when Kelly Barrett, the Autism Educational Specialist, from the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance...

National Assessment of IDEA Overview 2011

Understand the results of IDEA laws and programs within districts across the United States.

Autism Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

We recently conducted an anonymous survey to gauge the use and success of autism teaching strategies related to technology, resources and training by...

FBA Tool Kit

In order to provide effective strategies to prevent or reduce problem behaviors, the teacher must be able to assess what is causing them. Download...

Health Insurance 102 for Behavior Analysts

Join Advanced Training Solutions as we continue our Health Insurance Series.  Sarah will discuss practice management issues that arise AFTER...

Teaching Listener Responding: Autism Video

Listener Responding is a form of verbal behavior that requires the listener to respond to another's verbal behavior (e.g. Where is your shoes?, Get a...

UTPA Enhances Student Knowledge with Video Textbooks

“The videos were validating because they showed exactly what I do in the field,” said Dr. Fielding, who also owns a private practice, Special...

Evidence-Based Practices and the National Standards Project

This intermediate level webinar will cover methods used to identify evidence-based practices for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders as...

The ABA Ethics of Restraints

Interview with Laraine Winston, LMHC, BCBA

Teaching Friendship and Romantic Relationship Skills to Teens on the Spectrum

With this webinar, you can learn about teaching healthy relationship skills to middle and high school students who want romantic relationships and...

Commonly Used Graphs in ABA: Training Video

This ABA training video is an introduction of using graphs to chart progress in an educational or behavioral program.

Group Instruction for Kids Who Hate Group Instruction

About the Webinar: Group Instruction for Kids Who Hate Group Instruction presented by Anne Lau M.Ed., NCC, BCBA

Levi's Story: Autism Video

How can using positive behavior interventions benefit a person or families life? Levi was a 4-year-old boy with severe self-injurious behavior.

Survey Results: Autism Resources in the Classroom

We recently conducted an anonymous survey to gauge the use and success of autism-related technology, resources and training by educators within...

Autism Training: Teaching Socialization

Interview with Dr. Michael Friga

Teaching Educators to do Behavior Assessments

Problem behaviors impede a student's ability to learn.

Using Extinction to Decrease Problem Behaviors: ABA Training Video

This type of extinction has nothing to do with animals species that don't live anymore!

Staff Performance Boot Camp for Autism and Behavior Service Providers

Looking for ways to improve staff performance and client outcomes? Are you asking yourself, "Why aren’t my teachers (therapists) producing desired...

Health Insurance 101 for Behavior Analysts

Watch as Sarah Trautman-Eslinger M.A., BCBA,  discusses the relationship between Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and health insurance companies in...

Impact of Autism on the Family

This workshop will explore the impact of autism on the family.  

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Anyways?

So, what is Applied Behavior Analysis? A post by Annie Collins-Castillo, BCaBA 

No More Diapers: Using a Behavioral Approach for Toilet Training Success!

Independent toileting is one of the most important life skills to learn for children with autism and other disabilities.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement: ABA Training Video

What is the difference between positive and negative reinforcement? In this ABA training video, this most misunderstood behavioral principle is...

Ten Key Components Needed for an Effective Autism Program Regardless of Age, Ability Level or Setting

With Autism diagnoses on the rise, educators, service providers and parents often come to us with one common question: "How can I successfully...

Intraverbal Behavior: ABA Training Video

The intraverbal is a form of verbal behavior where the speaker responds to another's verbal behavior (e.g. like in a conversation).

Using Preference Assessments to Understand Motivation: ABA Training Video

Preference Assessments help us determine what motivates our learners.

Helping Schools Motivate Parents to Participate in their Child’s Autism Education Plan

Interview with Cheryl N. Engel, Ph.D. Q: Why is parent involvement important to their child’s autism education program?

Understanding Verbal Operants: ABA Training Video

The verbal operants are categories of verbal behavior identified by the work of B.F. Skinner and presented in his book, Verbal Behavior.

What is the VB-MAPP?: ABA Training Video

The VB-MAPP is a valuable component in designing a curriculum (intervention program) and can help determine if an intervention is working.

Receptive Language Programs for Early Learners: ABA Training Video

Receptive Language is also known as Listener Responding and is the ability to respond to others' verbal behavior/language.

Chaining and Task Analysis: An Autism Teaching Strategies Video

Chaining and task analysis are teaching procedures that helps teach complex behaviors or sequences of behaviors, such as: