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Designed specifically for autism professionals, our five-step eTraining solution combines online video interventions, interactive activities, assessments, supervision and certification to ensure successful comprehension and field implementation.


How Autism eTraining Works


Whether you are training yourself, a few staff or an entire organization, the implementation process is a breeze. Select one of our automated training plans or utilize our implementation team for a customized staff training solution.

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By partnering with service providers, public schools and families, we are able to film real interventions happening with children across the spectrum. The current ATS library will host over 65 hours of intervention concepts this year. Videos are available on-demand and approved by the BACB for continuing education.

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Our three-tier assessment model ensures knowledge comprehension in industry vocabulary, academic concepts and evidence-based autism interventions.

  • Pre-Test – Before training begins, every trainee must complete a Pre-Test to benchmark prior understanding.
  • Competency Check – After every module, a 2 to 8 minute video lesson, trainees are required to pass interactive quizzes with a score of 100%.
  • Post-Test – After completing each chapter, trainees must pass a comprehensive exam with a score of 90% or higher.


Management and administrators are given access to the Supervisor Dashboard to view and record trainees’ progress, fluency, scores and strengths/weaknesses.

Did you know? Many organizations use the ATS Supervisor Dashboard to match children with qualified teachers and therapists.


A Certificate of Completion is presented to every ATS graduate and employer. We are approved by the BACB for continuing education credits and are eligible for professional development credits at numerous public schools across the United States.

Employers are able to meet stringent insurance and state training requirements, while trainees are able to increase successful interventions in the field.


Client Testimonial

"ATS provided me with a wealth of information and confidence in Applied Behavior Analysis. It was amazing to see the positive effects that ABA has had on so many children and their families. The training videos really helped me understand what Autism is and how ABA can truly help autistic children. As a teacher, I feel this information will be invaluable in helping me teach children with autism and I’m so glad I’ve had this training experience!"
Carol Ann Reed, Teacher

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